Olesya Kunst. Wool Artist

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the beautiful world of wool painting.

We get used to use paint, pencils, ink and crayons for creating paintings. And of course, wool itself is not a new material in art. But using wool as paint without any fixation to draw a picture is a relatively new technique.

I do remember myself with knitting needles and a crochet hook.

My grandmother was a big master of knitting. The skills of handling goat wool and knitting warm clothes saved her and her little son (my father) during WWII from hunger.

My father still knits with great pleasure despite his age 80. Actually he taught me to knit when I was a child.

My mother had taught me how to sew and stitch. That became a seed of my future interest in clothes design. Starting from simple things it came to designing and making costumes for ballroom dancing

It has always been interesting for me to work with different materials, draw on fabrics, create patterns with stones, beads and cords.

But(!) when I saw that wool could be used as paint or watercolor, I understood clearly - this technique was for me. It was something that I had been looking for long time.

Creating pictures with wool is a magnificent process similar to a meditation. Superfine wool is like fluff, very tender and warm. Touching this creates healing effect. It could be regarded as an excellent art-therapy. I give masterclasses and frequently see how this act on people.

I created this website to share this amazing art with you.